Happy Birthday Papa πŸ˜Š

​Choosing your birthday to express my thought, 

Where to begin it from I am genuinely caught

Disciplined at heart and Perfectionist in action, 

When I am of his age I wanna be his reflection

Little to express, is in general all Father’s attitude, 

But peep inside his heart to find immense love, care and gratitude.

A perfect blend of magnificent “Aura”& gift of “Spirituality”,

Yes, you can match your watch with him and his “punctuality”

I cannot thank Almighty enough for what I am indebted,

For blessing me with a father who is so respected

“Rishikul” being the place that brought me close to reality, 

His love for “Rishikul family” even after so much inequality 

What I silently adore are his magnetic management abilities, 

I wish to learn them from him with my trivial capabilities

A perfect human being who extends his hand to anyone in need, 

And yes, it’s irrespective of caste,  color, sect, religion or creed

A scholar, a fighter,  yet most down to earth and humble, 

I join hands today to pray that u never  face failure or ever stumble.
Happy Birthday Papa..πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚


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