My Sister In Law…!!! 😊

Birthday bash of girl who is our Family’s pride, 

My prayer to Almighty, for a sister, is heard and replied, 

She came into our lives, in graceful attire of Bride, 

To be the Elder Bahu and be there to love and guide. 
Honour of Dad and Mom’s pretty doll, 

In no time she had won hearts of us all, 

Masterchef “bhabhi” is “Dewar’s” best friend, 

Always on her side and ready to defend. 
A combination of Beauty, Elegance & Brilliance, 

Tough times and she will display her resilience, 

She is diligent, affectionate, doting and caring, 

Don’t go by looks, she is also quite daring.
For me she is just a perfect blessing in disguise, 

May you rise, shine and reach zenith of skies,

Happy birthday darling, my sister, my best friend, 

Wish you good luck and happiness that knows no end.