Survival Of the Fittest; with Almighty’s equal opportunities for all….!!!!!

An introvert in nature since childhood, I had a world of my own, questions of my own, feelings of my own… Like every introvert child, the solutions to my questions always came with experience, in due course of time; and I am definitely still learning…. Of that vast world swirling in an introvert child’s mind, spirituality and true existence of God was always on top priority…. {I guess every child underwent that once in his young days}… This was all the more escalated with my mother being an insatiable believer of God…. but Theory of “Karma” and “Supreme Conviction in God” seem to somewhat contradict in the young, juvenile, ready-to-face-the-world mind. If God was almighty, omnipresent, a fatherly figure, knows-what-you-want, always looking at you, immortal, celestial, supreme being, all powerful- why do we at all need to work?? {study as it was then}… And why is anyone sad, depressed, dejected… ?? The world should be a happy place to live in. There should be no troubles. And thus no need of “Karma”… and it was until a few days ago that the dilemma pursued…

Heading towards home after a long tiring day at my hospital had made me weary and somewhat irritable; also not to mention, I was drunk with starvation. This long day in scorching May presented a dire need of thirst quenchers as soon as possible. Howsoever gallons of water you carry for these sweltering months {May, june} its minuscule in comparison to thirst. And so amidst all your troubles you tend to forget you are far better than others. Your problems are just miniature version of all that is happening around you.

I reached home to find four cute, little, puppies who had lost their way, lost their home and lost their mom. They had no shelter and seemed that they have decided to stick together in this time of crisis. They entered the gate through the small opening and their new shelter, for time being- since they were lost- was below the car. They felt sort of safe there. Still learning to bark, they were trying to produce sounds to scare anyone coming near them. Seemed they were leaving no stone unturned to protect themselves, as now the question was of survival and as per the apt Darwin’s theory, the fittest survives. Still not able to comprehend the complete situation, I noticed that one of them was the most active, responding, possibly had overcome its thirst and hunger, barking {producing noise} with all its strength… {He was, without doubt, the fittest of all}. Seeing them in agony I completely forgot all my troubles and immediately decided to help them. Secretly prayed too that they find their mother soon. May she soon come searching for them. I gave them a bowl full of milk, enough for all four of them. They being quite afraid decided not to come out in front of me and I decided thus to leave the bowl just there.

It was after this that I realized how the theory of Karma and extreme faith on Almighty go hand in hand. Though I dont, even in slightest degree, compare myself to God in their case, but I surely had something important to learn from this anecdote. That bowl of milk was the opportunities that God has placed for all of us and He very clearly knows that His child needs that, He is omnipresent, knows our needs, exactly like a Father of tales. He has placed that bowl of milk for us. and now to find that bowl of milk, Karma is needed and here is where the survival of fittest theory too comes into play. That bowl was equally placed for all four of them and with intent of equal mercy and love, but its your own role to search for it with your untiring efforts and constant perseverance. One needs to search the opportunities laid before them by loving and omnipresent God.

And yes, in the morning, milk was missing along with the bowl in which I kept it and so were all four of them. I am sure their mother turned up at some point of night searching for them.





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